JR Sound Co. was established in 1980. Prior to being a sound shop, it was a body shop. In the daytime we repaired Corvettes and built street rods. At night we played in a local rock band. Back in the late seventies and eighties all the bands carried their own sound system and lighting. Not like today. Good sound systems and related equipment was quite expensive. Being good at fabrication we built the speaker cabinets and related equipment ourselves. Soon all the other bands in the region were coming to my shop to have their sound systems built. The speaker building was over shadowing the body shop after a while. The towel was thrown in for the body shop and now all we do is sound equipment. For many years JR Sound Co. was a sound reinforcement company providing sound and lighting for many national rock bands. At this time we still do. The Machine Shop in Flint Michigan has all production needs provided by JR Sound Co. Last year we were contacted and built the sound system for the concert club Feelgoods in Las Vegas. We also provide sound system and lighting for many regional festivals such as Lapeer Days in Lapeer Michigan. JR Sound Co. is where Roadstar cases are built. Road cases are also expensive, and needing them we built our own. Next thing you know, we are building road cases for other sound companies, bands, and DJ's. In 1988 a gentleman contacted us after seeing an ad placed in the Detroit area Tradin' Times newspaper. The ad was stating that we built many JBL sound reinforcement enclosures. He asked if we could build a JBL Hartsfield cabinet. Not knowing what it was, he was told if he had a blueprint we could build it. We met and an agreement was made to build six cabinets for his newly formed company Classic Audio Reproductions. A second order was made and completed, then a third order was completed. At this time a discussion concerning compensation dissolved our business relationship. Now I build a JBL Hartsfield replica and market them from JR Sound Co. JR Sound Co. was formed by musicians for musicians and the discerning audiophile.